How to play?

Neymar Can Play

DESCRIPTION: Naymar kicking last game for Barca on Big Head Football. Even when only one leg he still played for Barca. Let's play and help him win with Barca in the final game of this. The Brazil forward Neymar picked up the injury in the La Liga game but he still want to train and be prepared for the world cup. For that he will need your help so use LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys to move Neymar and Press #1 to kick the ball, Press #2 key to head, Press #3 to try a bicycle kick. Neymar Can Play is a different football game . Your task in this game is helping the bruised Brazilian soccer player to be prepared for the World Cup 2014 in this cool sports game. Is it amazing? Even injured people could also play football! Using the skills to be able to kick the ball Naymar success. Have fun
INSTRUCTIONS: Arrows = Move, 1-3 = Kick