How to play?


DESCRIPTION: Play Dkicker 2 Italian football competition, the season 2012/2013. Choose your favorite Italian team and try to win the Cup tournament by playing 5 rounds. To win the game, you need to keep a certain number of goals, which depends on your team's and your oponnent 's class group. It's easier to defeat the team of class 5, than a layer 1. In addition, it's easier to win if your team has a strong class.For every goal you score , you'll get one point if you make two or more contacts with the ball, two points if you score from the first contact. Everyone who played it, just notice the great graphics and intense game mechanics. The dynamics of the game adds a performance mode one click, when a player does not need to study the control buttons, and this process is controlled by an intuitive gaming mouse. Play game Big Head Fooball